Sony PlayStation 2 Price

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PlayStation 2 is the most popular game console & entertainment machine. Access the internet play the multi player games with people all over the country.

PlayStation 2 Specifications

  • More than 1800 games, including exclusive games like Ratchet and Clank
  • Slim & Light weight design
  • 8 MB memory card
  • Dolby digital sound system
  • Dualshock 2 Analog Controller
  • Play DVD Movies and music CDs on the Sony PS2
  • Online gaming with multi-player gamers
  • Stream TV & Movies, music all on one machine
  • WiFi(wireless LAN)
  • sing star microphones
  • DVD remote controller
  • USB Camera
  • AV Adaptor

Sony PlayStation 2 Price in India: Rs. 5,900/-

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